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Compressing is the Key to Optimizing Website Loading Time for Nonprofit Websites

Posted by Lizeth Fallon

If you've got a nonprofit website, ptimizing the loading duration of a website is essential to successfully running your site. This is because the loading speed of a page within a website (especially the Homepage) can affect the number of visitors browsing through the website. This situation was highlighted majorly in 2006 when Amazon had announced that optimizing the speed of their site at 100-millisecond intervals was leading to an additional gain of one percent revenue each time.

There are credible statistics behind this to explain the increase in audience engagement with the case of Amazon. Statistics exhibited that on average, mobile sites lose a significant number of visitors when their websites fail to load within 3 seconds. Moreover, 75% of the website visitors reported that would only return to the sites that load within 4 seconds. Finally, the site ranking of a website would also be dependent on the speediness of the site in page load completion, as announced by Google.

Compressing to Improve Website Performance

Compressing and scaling images can improve the site's loading time. Images that are to be compressed for WordPress sites would require the plugin, WP Smush.it. This plugin allows images to be compressed automatically as images are uploaded to the Media Library section. The plugin is successfully compressing the images without disorienting the graphical quality of the images. To compress images for various other platforms within the web, Google's Page Speed plugin must be utilized. Some important or helpful resources for optimizing your nonprofit site's performance are:





This plugin has a default, built-in image compressor which assures the images to be in the form of ideal web-based quality. Next, compressing will be of no use if the images are not further scaled appropriately for the site. The images can be scaled using Adobe Photoshop corresponding to the pixel dimensions of the site's HTML code. This will prevent lagging that occurs whenever servers need to modify the sizes of images. The final compressing that is crucial is that of the files contained within the website. This can effortlessly be done using Gzip. The outcome is efficiency due to the more saved bandwidth.

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